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Hi Coach

Now it´s a week ago, I conducted the Berlin Marathon and made new PR in time 3:14:52, I´m super happy and extremely satisfied-the body has the fine and I have been unable to run Tuesday (7.5 km), Thursday (8.0 km) and today Sunday (15.0 km) without really noticing that I have just finished marathon in the legs.

Now head down in soft to new targets and challenges, I do not have the ability to run Hamburg in 2017 and would really like to run a marathon in the spring, it must be careful with that I can run Berlin again in september 2017, where of course I´d like to go after new PR if I should go for PR both in spring and in the fall will depend on the well of which races I choose in the spring .... or what? Thinking a bit at Copenhagen the 21.5.2017, can you help me a bit on the way? I am at least ready for new challenges and goals and have been really pleased with my program up to Berlin, or should I opt for a quick 1/2 marathon in spring?? Help ......:-)

I would like to have a new program where I starts at the level where I am now.

Look forward to hearing from you

sporting regards


Dorthe Schleidt
Berlin Marathon 2018

Dorthe-congratulations with your PR!

It´s a bit annoying that there is only a week between Cph Half and Berlin Marathon in sept 2017. Otherwise it could have been interesting with Cph Marathon in the spring, then Cph half and finally Berlin Marathon.

You will, of course, very much like Berlin again and an alternative may be to see what you can do (without expectations) in the spring and then target the training against Berlin PR in sept. Spring can then for example be BT half (30/4) and Cph Mar (21/5). I know that BT half is not completely flat, but if your winter training aims at a plan against Cph marathon with built in speed, so it perhaps goes into a fine half marathon time as well.

The experience of these two races in the spring can then be used for a really sharp plan for Berlin.

Just for consideration ...

Your Boost Coach


Hi C

Now, I have known better get started with a training program from you, of course, I have kept my workout with about 50-70 km per week. I would really like to have over Copenhagen Marathon, but there has come a wedding in the calendar. What you think is best that I coach "fictitious" against Cph Marathon and while it tests to see if I can make a few quick half marathon times during the spring, we saw from them can make a sharp plan for Berlin? I have not set myself some goals in the settings. Hope you despite it can make a plan.

Look forward to hearing from you

Dorthe Schleidt
Berlin Marathon 2018

Hi Michael,

It sounds like a smart plan to take it into 2 large stages: towards a fictitious Cph and so a new sharp plan towards Berlin.

If you put the Cph in as targets for now and try to put a level up, where you choose a training principle, which goes on the harder intervals or similar, so should there be profits and speed to some good halvmarathons also.

Report back here when you´ve set it up so well you could-so I look at it.

Boost greeting
Your coach.

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