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Hi Coach.

I need a little help to the setup of my program.

Since the end of the month of March, I have trouble with an injury on my left foot. In the period I have not run regularly and not at all trained interval. I am aware that the next I write enough does not give me much praise from you. I have participated in May and June in Ecotrail 45 K in Oslo and Ultraløbet the gendarme path 58 k. maybe not so cleverly done by me. I completed both races and almost without pain in the foot. The foot was after both races fit for fight the day after.

The motivation for running has been completely gone the last 2 weeks. I have grown a lot during that period, tabata and boxing training. Now I´m ready to take hold again in the run-up to Berlin. However, I would like to change the objective and now train towards just being able to run in time 3:20-3:25.

Would you like to customize my program from Monday so I can get back on the right rails?


Søren Schleidt

Hi Sean,

Try the plan that I have set up for you now. It starts a little cautious in week 1, but it goes quickly forward. It is because I believe that your long run have previously given you something raw strength to draw upon.

But keep a close eye on the damage. It must be like to do a little sore, but it may just not be worse over several times training. By train-although it hurts-forces you at the same time, the muscles and joints, and so is the goal of any time that you tag to the foot actually will be better.

Good workout

Your coach

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