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Hi there,

unfortunately, I´ve missed a whole week of training due to illness - I deleted the week from my plan, so does this mean my plan will be adjusted? I also noticed that the last 2 weeks of my plan only show 2 runs in a week - is that ok?

Many thanks


Rosie Grimm

Hi Rosie,

I took a look at your plan. It actually looks perfectly alright.

It´s good you have erased the non-training due to your illness. Then the plan knows and it would have reduced your training if there was a danger of overload. Some of the last weeks only plan 2 days because it prioritizes your most important training without loading you too much overall. That also looks very fine.

So go ahaed and train again. If you still feel a little sick jump over a couple of days and mark it in the plan.

Best regards
Your Boost coach.

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