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Hi Coach.

I´ve been trying to customize my settings and changed something in them in order to change the intensity and zones.

I´m not completely satisfied with the zones to which they are put up, I would say that currently my zone 1 must have an average of 5:45/km. I have run a little faster, earlier in my zones. View your origin. Would you like to customize my zones that you think suits me out from the information I have entered,






I look forward to hearing from You.

Many greetings from


Christina Schleidt

Hello Christina,

I take a look at it and returns. However, please note that the zones are very different depending on what type of workout plan ends up proposing to you. It is the total mix of rapid and sometimes extra long zones, as a coach you best.

But as I said, I´ll take a look at this approach-you hear from me.

Your coach


Hi again,

I have been your plan through and it looks generally quite fine out.

I found a single error, where your test estimates were set to a half marathon time at a marathon distance, but it is fixed and has not moved significantly on your zones.

Some of it, which means that you must run a very slow Z1 is that you have to get used to the marathon distance. When you run the marathon you need to reinforce some slow fibers, which takes over when the rapid is tired. Why are some of the best marathon training is a combination of the speed of the fast zones with slowly running on the Z1. Mentally you need to see if you can give it full gas by Z4 and, in turn, enjoy that you can run really slowly on the Z1.

You can assess how Z4 fits you when it should be going strong?

You have at the same time, put a very narrow band at the min and max 3 days. If you are open for a 4th day gives it more opportunities, but it is quite understandable if the week does not give room for the 3 days plan is still the most important optimizes training to you.

Your coach


Hi Coach

It explains, gives you really good sense. I enjoy the long walks to be run at a pace that not slaving on the body, just as you describe. I could well hold my zone four, when I ran the range last week. The first 4 intervals I ran max speed, the two next I ran 10 seconds slower. I run 4 times a week.

Christina Schleidt

Hello Christina,

It sounds really good. It is a little-known secret to not actually to be a fast runner-also at short distances-you should run longer trips in combination with slow speed and interval work. So I am pleased that you can feel it immediately ...

I have gently put the plan to put extra on one day later. If you get the urge to run an extra day of each week, you can always go into the week-> edit week and add one more day. Do it at the beginning of the week, so you can plan it well.

Good workout
Your coach

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