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Hi Coach

Thank you so much for my new plan, WOW that is good enough has been done But with a husband who train for an Ironman and two girls at home, then it becomes too much, unfortunately

I´m probably more for something looked like it I´ve had until, with a weekly interval day and a day where I just know that I need to run 10-13 km, one day (like weekend) where I have my long day-if there is a need for more training, then you must try to be a 5 day out.

I also think my zones has changed, usually is my zone 1 from as far as I remember from ca. 10.5 km/h to 11.2 km/h, and so on.

Hope we can get it going, for I am quite ready to bet something more.

Sporting regards


Dorthe Schleidt
Berlin Marathon 2018

Hi Michael,

No problem. The coach takes a check out more and get the country slightly "softer" ...

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Hi Michael,

So, I´ve adjusted your level down a little again. Every single variant of plans may have their own training zones, so you should not be worried about the change. You Keep the zones you will get the maximum out of the exercise.

What do you say to this plan?

Greeting your coach

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