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Last Sunday I ran Hamburg Marathon with the dream and the training I´ve put in the legs on that I was supposed to get under 3:25:00 pm, it planning and I made new PR in time 3:23:01. I ran with negative split, the first half I ran at 1:42:46 and the last half on 1:39:57, came in goal with profit and of course afterwards felt that there was more to give, but daring enough not on that route, since I probably was nervous about whether it could hold all the way to the goal. But I´m ready for a new workout on the hunt for a new PR, where I so want to try to get under 3:20.

My next marathon is in Berlin until september and I would like to have a new plan, where I don´t have to start from scratch, but start where I finished:-)

I am glad to hear from you.

Sportive greetings


Dorthe Schleidt
Berlin Marathon 2018

Hi Michael,

Huge congratulations on your performance in Hamburg. It sounds really good and is a real classic for when everything has worked to see a negative split. It is also perfectly normal that we then feel confident to maybe even could have made it even better. Top performance must not be achieved in the individual race, but over a series of races. Sudden so is it there if you dare wager.

I sense you are ready to bet a little. I have therefore tightened your plan quite a lot up. Perhaps even too much compared to what you want and have time for. But try just to take a look at it and let me know what your reaction is. We can easily scale back the slightly again, but at least I think you seem ready for something big.

I had to greet and say that everything is fine regarding your payment.

Greeting your coach

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