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hi there,

Just to add to my previous email, there are 3 weeks which according to my status, dip in to the light grey area - is that ok?



Rosie Grimm

Hi Rosie,

I will answer all of your 3 questions here. Sorry for the delay.

You´re absolutely good to go - or should I say run...

I´m happy you´re following the status - this is really a good way to stay on track. No the 3 dips into the grey area is no problem. It only touches and you´re mainly green. Having shifted to your goal further out in time actually gives you more period to become stronger and we don´t want you to be overloaded and injured. The reason is that your plan in fact works optimal with 4 days per week, but as you can see it´s no problem with 3 days. It still picks the most important training for you.

If you feel like in some of the weeks - you can try and add a forth day. But only if you feel like. You´re good to run.

Best regards
Your coach.

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