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Hi coach

Just a few comments to my newly created running plan:

I have given birth to a baby of 3 months ago, but has been given the ok from your doctor to start my training up again. I have run-out in the first part of my pregnancy up until the month of may last year (3 times a week at different pace), and have the last few weeks småløbet shorter trips.

I have shown received indicated something awry in the relationship with my ambitions at least see my pace very fast out, and who can I view not be completely with-all the way down to 02:30 min/Km. It also looks like that I need to run up to 65 km. per week to last, which is also right in the over the edge.

The idea was that I should be able to run an HM for spring the 1. may 2016, about 1 hour and 40 min.

My normal pace when I´m in shape, is located at about 5:00 min/Km.

How do I get it corrected, so that the plan corresponds to the above?

Thanks in advance.

Best regards


Sine Sloth

And now it looks already like that it fits better

Sine Sloth

Hi Its,

I can well remember you from before birth (so your child´s).

I take just a check on your plan and return no later than in the course of tomorrow with something useful. Wonderful to you get started again.

Greeting your coach


Hi Its,

Then I got yet, looked at it with the same.

I have adjusted a bit in your speeds-you may find they almost are too slow.

But in view of the fact that you have plenty of time to your target that you have just born and only gradually is gone going again, so I don´t think you should tighten the bow too hard from the start. Try the pace I have set to now. Mht load is plan very careful now and so screwed up that significantly later. Again, I think it is the right of the eye relative to your situation.

But let me hear what you think.

Your coach

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