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So is the Berlin marathon timely subject and I think actually it´s hard to get your arms down after Sunday´s race:-) I made new PR and got into time 3:29:33. During and after the race, I felt that I could have the race a little faster, but was also a little nervous about whether I had power enough. I had suffered my run in Hamburg in mind, that I put either too hard or too, I was just drained of energy, and the last 12 km felt like very laange .... My legs have largely not been sore and I am already looking for I must set out on a little run.

Next goal is Hamburg Marathon on 17/4.16, it´s long, but would like you to make a plan, where I keep my current form and from January begins with the right training and a possibly. improvement of my current best marathon time-it could be cool if I could get under 3:25:00

Look forward to hearing from you.


Dorthe Schleidt
Berlin Marathon 2018

It sounds really good, Dorthe. Congratulations with the result.

Try in the first place even to put your Hamburg unbeaten and set a level up with the days of the week etc you would like to work out from now on. So I then look at whether there can be optimized for the period until January. In addition, we can adjust in the training days etc from January.

Give me a message when you´ve put it in, as you can yourself. 7

Once again congratulations and well both trained and fought. You have developed yourself absolutely wild!!!

Boost greeting,
Your coach

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