New Runner: Sergey from Russia

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Hi Sergey,

To be straight - the challenge you face is unrealistic. The overall assessment of your goals combined with your profile and training preferences doesn´t match. Therefore, it is our recommendation that you lower your ambitions and find a more realistic goal to chase. Based on your input and our analysis of your training needs, we estimate an ideal training period in the area of 22 to 29 weeks up to your next goal. As you have 11 weeks available in total you should consider to revise your goal. You need many different training elements in your program to achieve the ambitious goal you have set for yourself.


This was a brief summary of some key points highlighted in your runner analysis. To go back and read the full report, use this link: Your analysis result

If you have any questions or want to discuss the result with us, you are more than welcome to add a talk below.

Happy training,
The Boost Team
Boost Team
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