Terms and privacy policy

Pricing and terms in short version


Welcome to www.boostmarathon.com ("Boost" or "Site"). The following conditions apply to the purchase of training plans and other products on the Site and your use of the services that you find on Boost.

If you have questions or comments regarding the terms, please feel free to contact us at hello@boostmarathon.com.

The terms are initially prepared in English and subsequently translated into other languages. In case of conflict between the various versions, the English version applies.

We reserve the right to change the terms and conditions. Where reasonably possible, we will give you notice of changes. The version you are reading now was last amended on 01 January 2016.



1.1. The company responsible for the Site is Boost Company ApS, registration number 34230455, Toldbodgade 61B, 1253 Copenhagen, Denmark, Phone +45 21857385. Boost Company ApS is incorporated in Denmark. All products and services are offered under Danish law.



2.1. Access to Boost training plans is sold either as direct payments or as a subscription plan with recurring payments. You must be a minimum of 15 years to create an account on Boost. Your training plan and your password to the Site is personal and may not be shared with or transferred to others.

2.2. All products are ordered and paid online by credit card. We work with payment provider QuickPay and their aquirers, mainly Clearhaus. We accept Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, and Visa Electron including use of 3D Secure. There is no additional charge for paying with creditcards.

2.3. All prices quoted include VAT and are as a standard quoted and paid in Euros. But before paying you can freely choose among a range of different currencies.

2.4. Terms for subscription plans and termination are described in detail in section 4 below.

2.5. At times, we offer "free trials". You do not make a commitment of purchase, but you give us your permission to contact you via email. You can unsubscribe these e-mails at any time.

2.6. When creating a Boost profile you give Boost your permission to send news and offers on goods and services related to marathon training via e-mail. Boost does not disclose or sell any of your personal information to third parties. You may unsubscribe from these e-mails at any time - use the unsubscribe link in the e-mail.



3.1. You will automatically receive an order confirmation when you place your order with us. We strive to ensure that you get access to your training plan and other Boost tools immediately after payment.

3.2. When you purchase you receive a confirmation mail. You should keep this as your receipt.



4.1. When you purchase a subscription plan, you allow Boost to withdraw the agreed payment amounts from your account until you terminate your membership. Payment is withdrawn at the beginning of a new subscription period.

4.2. Duration of the subscription period depends of the type of subscription plan you have purchased. This period is clearly stated when buying and from your confirmation mail. When the subscription period ends it is automatically extended for a period similar to the previous.

4.3. Payment will be drawn from the creditcard, that you used when purchasing your subscription plan. You are responsible for that this information is valid when entering a new subscription period.

4.4. The payment provider QuickPay handles the creditcard used and its payments. We are informed of the creditcards expiration date after each payment and will remind you to exchange your card in due time. If the creditcard is expired or invalid, we will inform you about the missing payment, after which you can subscribe with another creditcard.

4.5. Boost reserves the right to alter the subscription prices and terms with a notice of 75 days. If you do not wish to continue your membership, you can terminate it.

4.6. As a subscription customer you may terminate your membership at the end of a paid month. This is done by sending an email to unsubscribe@boostmarathon.com.

4.7. When your membership expires, we keep your user data on the Site including the content generated by you. So you can always resume your membership. In case you want your data anonymized or deleted, please e-mail us at hello@boostmarathon.com.



5.1. You give your consent to Boost so we can tailor our products and services to your needs specifically. This means that your right to withdraw from your purchase will lapse simultaneously with your purchase. Once you have purchased a product or service with us, it is not possible to regret your purchase and get your money back, cf. the Danish Act on Consumer Contracts section 18(4).

5.2. According to Danish law there is a two year warranty on the products and services you buy from Boost. Complaints of defects must be made within a reasonable time after you have discovered the defect. You can send complaints to hello@boostmarathon.com. We reserve the right to exchange the product or remedy the defect, if possible.

5.3. If a payment has been made in error, please contact hello@boostmarathon.com. Refunds are at managers discretion.



6.1. If you have questions about your training plan, your payment or otherwise, please contact us either by mail, phone or online. We strive to answer all inquiries within 48 hours.



7.1. As a user you follow the training plans and any advice on the Site at your own risk. Boost will not be liable for any damages, accidents or anything that directly or indirectly is believed to be caused by your use of Boost products or services.

7.2. Boost cannot be held liable for any direct or indirect losses caused by malfunction or other losses associated with your use of the Site.

7.3. Boost is not responsible for content on the third-party websites which are linked to from the Site. If you believe that we link to websites that have illegal or offensive content, do not hesitate to make us aware of this - write us at report@boostmarathon.com.



8.1. Boost treats all personal data in accordance with the Danish legislation on personal data, which is based on EU rules.

8.2. When creating a Boost profile, you will be asked to provide some personal information such as age, running level, past performance etc. so that we can customize the training plan for you. Most of the information is available on the Site for other users to see. Some information you may choose not to display publicly. You can also choose to register under an alias and thus appear anonymously on the Site.

8.3. Besides the information that you enter when creating a profile, Boost uses cookies and record information in the site's log statistics such as IP address and which pages you visit.

8.4. This is done in order to develop the site and optimize the user experience. A cookie is a text file sent to the user's browser from a web server and stored on your computer's hard drive. You may at any time choose to delete or disable cookies.

8.5. All data is stored and processed on either Boost’s own servers or with one of Boost’s chosen hosting provider working within the framework of the Privacy Policy outlined here. Personal information will not be transferred to parties other than Boost itself or the selected partners.

8.6. Personal data as the user's e-mail and IP address are kept confidential, and sensitive data such as passwords are stored in encrypted form. Data are available only to the few people employed with Boost. Be aware that there are always risks associated with passing on personal information digitally, which means that all uploading of information to the Site takes place at your own risk.

8.7. You are welcome to contact Boost and gain insight into the personal data stored and ask to have them deleted or corrected.



9.1. All content on Boost is owned by Boost Company ApS or by our partners. You may not copy, redistribute or sell the content from the Site.

9.2. If you believe or know that there is content on the Site that infringes any copyright, this can be reported to report@boostmarathon.com.



10.1. If you choose to provide content to the Site, you give Boost a full and irrevocable right to use and transform your content internally on the Site. Boost has the right to sell www.boostmarathon.com including content published by users, while Boost Company has no right to reassign, including selling or licensing, your content separately.

10.2. It is not allowed to publish phone numbers, addresses or email addresses of other persons than yourself. It is not allowed to distribute any kind of information which may be construed as pornographic, discriminatory, defamatory or otherwise unlawful in relation to applicable law. You may only upload photos to which you own the rights.

10.3. If you become aware of inappropriate content or behavior on the Site, this can be reported to report@boostmarathon.com. Users who do not comply with the Site Terms will have their profile deleted, or otherwise be denied access to the site.



11.1. Any dispute between Boost and you arising out of the customer relationship establish under these terms, must be settled by the ordinary courts of law in Copenhagen, Denmark. Danish law applies to all aspects of the dispute.