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RR Montreal Marathon

RR Montreal Marathon is a great city race in Canada. Explore all race facts below and sign up for a free runner analysis.

"Oasis-Montréal-Marathon" and CGI (the organizers behind the Rock ´n´ Roll marathon series) became partners in 2012. That means, that Montreal Marathon in the future will be part of the "Rock ´n´ Roll Series".

The Rock ´n´ Roll Marathon Series is the largest "marathon-union" in the world with more than half a million participants in United States. The RR-Marahton-Series is known for lots of entertainment and live music along the route.

The route takes the participants through the historic, scenic and charming Montreal.

Time limit is 6 hours.

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Race name:

RR Montreal Marathon - Rock n Roll de Montréal Marathon

Where is the race held?

RR Montreal Marathon is held in Montreal - Canada - North America. Lattitude N45.30.00
Longitude W72.25.00. 57 meters above sea level. Read more about the place: Montreal Travelguide

How is the climate?

Montreal in September - Percipitation: 96mm spread out over 13 days. Humidity: 83%. Temperatures:
Temperatures min avg max
Celcius 11 20 16
Fahrenheit 51 68 60

What distances / races are available?

Marathon - Halfmarathon - 10 km, 5 km, kids run

What is the time limit?

The marathon has a 06:00 time limit

Where can I register, contact the organizers or read more?

Where can I get help for my preparation?

At Boost Marathon we work hard to ensure correct information, but please check all facts with the organizers before making any arrangements.