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Brighton Marathon

Brighton Marathon is a great city race in England. Explore all race facts below and sign up for a free runner analysis.

Brighton Marathon was held for the first time in 2010. It is known to be well organized and is often called the "#2 marathon in Britain”.

Almost 20.000 runners are participating in the total marathon-event, and lots of enthusiastic spectators are cheering along the route.

There is no traffic on the route. There is no official time limit, but if you are slow, you may have to continue on the pavement.

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Race name:

Brighton Marathon

Where is the race held?

Brighton Marathon is held in Brighton - England - Europe. Lattitude N50.49.00
Longitude W0.07.59. 5 meters above sea level. Read more about the place: Brighton Travelguide

How is the climate?

Brighton in April - Percipitation: 54mm spread out over 13 days. Humidity: 81%. Temperatures:
Temperatures min avg max
Celcius 6 12 9
Fahrenheit 42 53 48

What distances / races are available?

Marathon - 10K, mini reace

What is the time limit?

The marathon has a 07:00 time limit

Where can I register, contact the organizers or read more?

Where can I get help for my preparation?

At Boost Marathon we work hard to ensure correct information, but please check all facts with the organizers before making any arrangements.