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Boston Marathon

Boston Marathon is a great city race in United States. Explore all race facts below and sign up for a free runner analysis.

Boston Marathon is one of the five “WorldMarathonMajors” (Boston, London, Berlin, Chicago, New York). It is probably the most famous marathon race in the world.

Boston Marathon was held for the first time back in 1897, and is thereby the oldest annual marathon event in the world. Boston is the capital and the largest city in Massachusetts.

Both amateur and elite runners are attracted to the big event. More than 30.000 runners are participating together with around half a million spectators.

Boston Marathon is organized by Boston Athletic Association (B.A.A).

The route is quite difficult and hilly.

It is a victory in itself to qualify for Boston (to “BQ”). You have to meet some heavy qualification-standards, unless you receive one of the "PartnerEntries" reserved for charities, sponsors etc.

Qualification standards vary from year to year – read more: Boston Marathon qualifying times.

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Race name:

Boston Marathon

Future race dates:

Monday, 2018-04-16

Where is the race held?

Boston Marathon is held in Boston - United States - North America. Lattitude N42.22.00
Longitude W70.58.59. 5 meters above sea level. Read more about the place: Boston Travelguide

How is the climate?

Boston in April - Percipitation: 96mm spread out over 12 days. Humidity: 54%. Temperatures:
Temperatures min avg max
Celcius 4 13 9
Fahrenheit 39 55 48

What distances / races are available?

Marathon - Halfmarathon - Mobility Impaired, wheelchair, handcycle, 10 km, 5 km

What is the time limit?

See time limit in the race description

Where can I register, contact the organizers or read more?

Where can I get help for my preparation?

At Boost Marathon we work hard to ensure correct information, but please check all facts with the organizers before making any arrangements.