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Athens Marathon

Athens Marathon is a great city race in Greece. Explore all race facts below and sign up for a free runner analysis.

Athens Classic Marathon is the mother of all marathons. The story goes back to 500 BC, where an Athenian herald, Pheidippides, was sent to Athen under the Battle of Marathon. He brought a message about the Greeks victory over Persia. According to the legend he ran around 40 km from the battlefield to Athen. He delivered the message, collapsed and died.

Pheidippides is still a national hero, and his story has been an inspiration to the modern marathon race.

In 1896 under the Olympic Games a Greek athlete, Spyros Louis, ran what has ever since been known as the original marathon route. It goes from the ancient city of Marathon to the Panathinaikon Stadium in Athens.

Athens Marathon (as we know it today) was established in 1972. Thousands of runners from many different countries travel to Athen every year to participate in this major event.

Athen Classic Marathon is considered to be one of the toughest city marathon races in the world. This is because a large part of the route is uphill.

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Race name:

Athens Marathon

Where is the race held?

Athens Marathon is held in Athens - Greece - Europe. Lattitude N37.54.00
Longitude E23.43.59. 28 meters above sea level. Read more about the place: Athens Travelguide

How is the climate?

Athens in November - Percipitation: 56mm spread out over 12 days. Humidity: 73%. Temperatures:
Temperatures min avg max
Celcius 12 19 16
Fahrenheit 53 66 60

What distances / races are available?

Marathon - 10 km, 5 km, power walking

What is the time limit?

The marathon has a 08:00 time limit

Where can I register, contact the organizers or read more?

Where can I get help for my preparation?

At Boost Marathon we work hard to ensure correct information, but please check all facts with the organizers before making any arrangements.